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A thermoformer is suitable for more large-scale production. A thermoformer creates a flexible bottom film onto which the products are placed either manually or automatically. The package enters a vacuum chamber where it is sealed by sealing the top film onto the packaging. After a vacuum has been created, the track moves to a cross-cutter where the packages are cut off from each other. There are one or more tracks. Finally, the labelling and pricing are implemented with an automatic track pricing weigher and the packaging is ready.

Versatile and efficient packaging

Variovac's fully automatic thermoformers are very user-friendly and meet the highest quality and hygiene standards. These horizontal stainless-steel machines are stable and compact. The module-like design of the machines enables a variety of packaging options.

The Variovac machines can cost-effectively pack food, non-food products or, for example, sterile medical products. The packaging can be both semi rigid and flexible. The machines offer maximum packaging reliability, which is crucial both in the food industry and in the pharmaceutical industry.


Optimus is a reliable and compact thermoformer with an impressive capacity. This plug-and-play machine is Variovac's smallest thermoformer. The machine creates attractive packaging with extremely long shelf life.

Optimus provides high-quality packaging efficiently, regardless of whether it involves vacuums, MAP, skin packaging or shrink packaging, or, for example, packaging hot products with steam.

Diverse solutions and additional components are available to enable individual packaging lines in accordance with the packaging requirements of the products.

Primus is a medium-sized, multifunctional thermoformer.

The machine can be used to effectively package products in a vacuum, modified atmosphere, skin packaging or shrink bag. Steam packaging of hot products is also an option. Primus has the right solutions for all methods and the end result is appropriate, attractive and reliable packaging.

A wide range of additional components is available to configure the packaging line individually, in accordance with the products to be packed. Metal detectors and check weighers complement the packaging line.

Variovac's thermoformers are equipped with the Variovac RapidAirSystem, which ensures optimal packaging and high packaging output. With this technology you can achieve high-precision design and sealing at a machine pace that is about 30% higher than that of traditional systems.