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Vacuum bags

You can place an order with us for large and small vacuum bags for the purpose of packaging meat, sausage, fish and cheese. At our factory in Söderkulla, Sipoo, we have four modern production lines. Our lines produce vacuum bags of different sizes at the pace of half a million bags a day. We deliver vacuum bags in a flexible manner, either by the box or pallet. Upon request, we can put the dealer's own markings onto the boxes and deliveries.

High-quality material and double sealing

To ensure the air-tightness of vacuum bags, it is important that the PA/PE 2 layer material is sufficiently thick. In the material we use, the thickness of the PA layer is always at least 20 my. The thickness does not affect the transparency of the material. More information about the technical features can be found in the material specification..

In the production process, the seams of the bags are always sealed twice. Therefore, we can guarantee perfect air-tightness and greater durability in our vacuum bags.

According to the product requirements, our customers can choose the thickness of the vacuum bag between 60 and 160 my.

In addition to the standard 2-layer bags, we make heat-resistant boil-in-bags, aluminium bags and metallised bags. The metallised bags we produce are available in two shades, gold and silver.

We can also punch a hanging hole into all of our bags.