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A large proportion of the food preparation work is packaging.
In many industrial plants, more than half of the working time is spent on packaging, which means that it is an important part of the whole food production process.

Which packaging machine or device would suit your product the best?
The selection of the correct packaging method depends on what you are packaging and what the packaging you want to use is like. The choice of packaging method is also influenced by things such as the size of the company and other machines the company uses.

We at Finnvacum use our decades of experience to help you choose the packaging method that meets the needs of your company.

Packaging methods for different machine types:

Vacuum chamber machines

The most traditional vacuum packaging method for small batches.

Conveyorised chamber machines

The most traditional vacuum packaging method with a semi-automatic line solution.


The packaging solution for more large-scale production.

Tray sealers

The bottom part is a ready tray from which the air is drawn out by the packaging machine. The box is then filled with a modified atmosphere.

Flowpack machines

A Flowpack machine makes the packaging out of film, from one roll.

Bagging machines

Filling and sealing machines for ready-to-use bags, e.g. Doypack® stand-up pouches.

Other steps in the packaging process: