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The packaging machine and materials form a total solution

We deliver packaging materials for food products: bottom and top films, with or without a print, bowls and trays, labels and accessories. Our vacuum bag production produces vacuum bags as agreed. Heat-resistant or sterilisable materials are also available.

Packaging is an important part of the product supply chain from production to customer.

Purpose of a food product package:

To protect the quality of food throughout the distribution chain.
The package facilitates the physical handling of products at different stages of the supply chain.
To relay information in accordance with regulatory requirements and other information.
A visually impressive and purposeful package is a manufacturer's business card.

Packaging materials:

Vacuum bags

Vacuum bags for packaging meat, sausage, fish, cheese and more. Our standard selection includes our unprinted vacuum bags sealed on three sides:
80 μ, 120 μ, and 140 μ. We also deliver vacuum bags with printing.

Shrink bags

Shrink bags provide attractive packaging that cling to the product, without compromising on the product's shelf-life. They are suitable for packaging fresh meat, fish products and cheese. We have strengths 45–75 μ readily available. In addition, we supply printed bags suitable for curing cheese.

Films & laminates

We supply films and laminates for all machines. We offer printed, metallised and clear films. We stock a wide range of films of different widths and strengths. Laminate types: Top films, bottom films, rigid films, flowpack films and lid laminates.

Trays, boxes & jars

Convenient and practical! Jars that are both resealable and easy to open have become popular among consumers. There are numerous colour and size options. You can choose tins and boxes, modular boxes or industrial kitchen tins according to the intended use.

Fish trays

Fish trays support the vacuum-packaged product and enhance the appearance of the packaging. Both sides are moisture-resistant. Available in a variety of sizes and colours. Also available: metal-free, printed, and other colour options.

Other packaging materials

We also offer:
3D shrink bags
Absorbent pads
HD bags, sheets and films
Box liners
Boxes for frozen meat
Labels and stickers