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Tray sealers

Tray sealers always use ready trays. After filling the tray, the air is sucked out in the sealing chamber and the tray is filled with a modified atmosphere, after which the cover film is sealed onto the tray. Finally, a label is added and the package is complete. Different resealable cover film solutions are also possible and, alternatively, separate lids can also be used.

Ilpra kulhopakkauskoneet

For ambitious packaging requirements

Ilpra's diverse and reliable tray sealers are ideal for packaging a wide range of products into finished trays (like PS, PP, APET, CPET, aluminium and laminated board). There are several packaging methods: MAP (modified atmosphere packaging), Gas Flush, vacuum, and skin packaging.

A wide range of optional accessories and solutions make the sealers highly customisable to meet even the most ambitious packaging requirements.

Semi-automatic, (table-top)Automatic in-line tray sealersIn-line tray sealers

Ilpra's semi-automatic table-top tray sealers are very easy to use and ideal for businesses facing issues with free space.

Table-top tray sealers are available according to different specifications; for both small and larger productions. Features that vary from model to model include machine speed, noise level, and the size of the sealing area. Some models have a rotating table with two workstations, which allows you to add/remove the trays on one station while the other station performs the sealing/cutting. In this way, the time taken to complete the work process is significantly reduced.

These machines can be used for sealing, vacuum packaging, modified atmosphere packaging and skin packaging.

The machines of the FoodPack Speedy collection are reliable and fully automatic tray line packagersthat minimise running costs. The high performance of the machines is achieved through the Ilpra PROGAS technology. Thanks to the technology, the production capacity is higher (up to 70%) and gas consumption is lower (up to 50%) when compared to traditional solutions.

The machines are easy to programme and the cleaning and maintenance tasks are easy to perform. The various customisation possibilities of the components enable using the machines for packaging different types of products. The control panel touch screen is very user-friendly, even for inexperienced personnel.

FP Speedy's models are mainly made of stainless steel and have the protection classification IP65.

In-line packagers are part of large-scale production machinery and are extremely versatile and flexible as they can be tailored to the customer's packaging needs. All machines and their parts are designed so that integrating the machine to any automatic production line solution or process is effortless.

These powerful machines increase production capacity and reduce energy consumption. Ilpra's CPS (Constant Placement System) technology ensures that the infeed of trays remains continuous. This makes the machines much faster, which improves production capacity when lead-through is higher. The control panel has a touch screen that enables easy adjusting and monitoring of the machines' parameters.

There is full access to all main working areas of the machine, which makes cleaning and maintenance easy and quick. The conveyors can be removed and washed. Mould changes can be performed easily and quickly.