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Conveyorised chamber machines

The most traditional vacuum packaging method with a semi-automatic line solution. The product to be packaged is placed in either a laminate bag or a shrink bag. The product bags are placed on a conveyor that takes them into the vacuum chamber, which creates a vacuum inside the package and seals it. Then, the bags automatically move out of the chamber. If shrink bags are used, the bags will automatically be moved to a shrink tank and then onwards.

The vacuum pack contains no air and prevents the growth of oxygen-dependent microbes. Vacuum packs do not have any free space, which makes the package film cling to the shape of the packaged product.

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For large products in the food industry

Conveyorised chamber machines make vacuum packaging more efficient. The machines are intended for large products of the food industry. They can also pack non-food products. The machines can be used for long-lasting, reliable seals even when the sealing area is wrinkled, damp or greasy. The conveyor starts and stops gently. This controlled acceleration and braking prevents the products from moving out of their places when they enter the vacuum chamber.

The vacuum chambers are equipped with cushions that fill with air. They reduce the amount of time required for creating a vacuum by up to 30%. They also prevent wrinkles from forming on the top side of the package.

The conveyorised chamber machines have a user-friendly, touch-screen control unit for programming machine functions and monitoring the workflow. The machines are made of stainless steel and their hygienic design makes cleaning easy (for instance, the conveyor can be loosened easily and quickly).

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Supervac's selection also includes:

Shrink tanksCooling tanksDrying tunnelsBag openers

Shrink tanks are heated with electricity and/or steam. The tanks are completely insulated, so heat loss is minimal. The machines are equipped with an automatic water temperature regulator. The automatic water level regulator is also a standard feature for some machines (otherwise available as an option).

These reliable shrink tanks are made of stainless steel and are easy to clean and maintain.

Cooling tanks extend the shelf life of vacuum-packed products by reducing the surface temperature of products quickly after they have been in a shrink tank or tunnel. The products are completely immersed in water to achieve maximum cooling results. Other benefits include eliminating colour changes after the shrinking process and reducing energy consumption in the cooling chain.

The machines are equipped with an automatic water level regulator and an automatic temperature regulator. The immersion time, immersion depth and drip-off time are adjustable. These reliable machines are made of stainless steel and are hygienically designed, making cleaning and maintenance easy.

Supervac's high-quality drying tunnels are made of stainless steel, they are hygienic, quiet and easy to maintain and clean. The top of the machine has two air knives equipped with infrared sensors that follow the shape of the products, and the high-efficiency air nozzles even remove standing water from cracks and holes on the surface of the product. The product is then ready for labelling. The machine also has one air knife at the bottom, which dries the bottom of the product so that the products can be packed in inexpensive, unlined boxes.

Touch screens facilitate controlling the drying tunnels.

Bag openers are used to improve productivity when vacuum bags are filled manually. Using these machines means less handling during the packaging process, which makes filling easy.