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In Memoriam Gunnar Forss

Gunnar Forss 28.11.1942 – 5.7.2022

We are deeply sorry to inform that the founder of company Finnvacum: Mr Gunnar Forss has slept away.

Gunnar would have reached an age of 80 years this year and he has suffered from different kind of old age disease the last years, which took a lot of his strength.

Gunnars Forss started our company in Finland 1965. I think we all can agree on that Gunnar was a legend among the packaging industry in Finland and his reputation was spread far away among our suppliers all over Europe.

Gunnar was a real entrepreneur, a character with his heart in the right place and among all, he had a service mind of one-of-a-kind.

He was a real self-made man who liked to be involved and wanted to keep control of everything by himself, but he also understood in an early stage to transfer the responsibility for the company to the next generation, who has been proud to continue his life work.

We want to express our sympathies and condolences with the bereaved family members of Gunnar.

Condolences can be sent on company email address