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Ravenwood Nobac 500R Ready Meal

Ravenwood Nobac500R Ready Meal


Ravenwood Nobac 500R  - Ready Meal

The boffins at Ravenwood have fearlessly developed the next evolution of the slideable sleeve. It is a full sleeve which slides like a cardboard sleeve but is supplied on a roll. It is printable up to 300gsm to size 500mm x 225mm with the option to feature a transparent window.

The machine which wraps these remarkable sleeves is the nobac 500R. It is a teaspoon longer than its 500 siblings and is also still capable of labelling both top and c-wrap within reason.

The line speed for such a remarkable sleeve is, of course, dependent on feed-length, but the achievable target is 65ppm.
Ready meal slideable labelling can be applied with the nobac 500R