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Only a very few products are born with a perfect package

Since 1965, Finnvacum has ensured that our customers’ products are packaged using machines and materials of the highest quality, in the best possible way. We help our customers get the best results. Carefully designed packaging, using first-class materials can add great value to a company.

Finnvacum is closely involved in the development of the packaging industry and we are continously on the look-out for leading solutions. We can then apply those improvements to meet our customer's varying needs.

Finnvacum represents leading world-class brands within the food process and packaging industry. We have a long and trustful co-operation with our suppliers from Central Europe and Far East. We offer foodstuff producers cost-effective solutions, from slicing and weighing, to packaging and labeling.

Finnvacum Oy Ab
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Tel: +358 (0)9 2786 250

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