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X-ray equipment

Product safety is increasingly important in the food sector. Finnvacum's selection also includes reliable inspection equipment based on x-rays. X-ray machines or metal detectors detect any additional ingredients in the products and remove such packages from the line.

The use of inspection equipment ensures the product's premium quality and maintains the faultless reputation of your brand.

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Product safety and quality control

X-ray and metal detection equipment is specially designed to detect unwanted, physical contamination in food, regardless of form and location. X-ray scanners placed at the start of the production line remove impurities from the source, reducing food waste and creating cost savings. X-ray machines can be used at any stage of the manufacturing process or at the end of the production line.

What can X-ray equipment detect?

X-ray equipment is highly effective in detecting a variety of physical contaminants, including all metals, glass, mineral stone, calcified bone and dense plastics and rubber. X-ray equipment can perform a varied selection of in-line quality control actions to ensure the integrity of the product. The actions include measuring of mass, detection of missing or broken parts, observing of filling levels, detection of products trapped in the sealing area and looking for damaged products and packaging.

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