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Weighing and labeling

Finnvacum's Digi department imports and markets weighing, packaging and labeling equipment. The unit also delivers high-quality labels, stickers and packaging films for the equipment it imports.

Digi provides high-quality products and services by focusing its competence on carefully selected products and target groups such as the food industry and wholesale and retail trade.

Digi, together with Finnvacum's maintenance department, is responsible for the maintenance and service of all the equipment it has imported, together with its nationwide cooperation network.

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The Digi products are manufactured by the Japanese Teraoka Seiko Group at its various factories and they include weighing systems, packaging machinery and labelling equipment.


The Danish EME produces high-quality label devices (label and sticker printing + attachment) for the finishing of product packaging. The equipment can be built into a wide range of solutions. The label can be completely pre-printed, or printed with the necessary dates or other variable information. The label can be attached to the side of the product and rotated around the product. The same product can also have more than one label.

E.g. the products of the Serial 2000 series can be placed on the top, bottom or side of a product. See the manufacturer's website for brochures or contact us for more information on the various labelling options.


Ravenwood linerless label applicators make the statutory marking of industrial packaging in different shapes and the provision of a complete customer information possible.

What are the benefits of Ravenwood labelling?
Less expensive than a heat-sensitive label of the same size
Less roll replacement. The label is horizontally on the roll, which means that one roll contains a great number of labels
High labelling speed
No background paper, which makes it more environmentally friendly
Superior label printing quality because printing is implemented as thermal transfer with a ribbon. No need to use thermal paper
The label can be printed on both paper and plastic.
Transparent plastic labels display the product better and the label does not tear when removed.
Pre-printing the background is also possible
Minimal adhesive requirement on the label, since only adhesive strips are used, which also makes removing the label easier
Industrial equipmentStore equipment
Weighers with a weight screen
Weighers with label printing
In-line weighers with label printing
Weigher terminals
Weighing levels
Linerless applicator, (Ravenwood)
Label and sticker printing and attachment, (EME)
Labels and stickers
Packaging films
Pricing weighers without a printer
Pricing weighers with a label printer
Weight display weighers
Packaging equipment
Labels and stickers

Esa Koivisto

Sales Manager
Digi equipment, weighing and labeling

+358 504 140 554


Taisto Kähö

Product Manager
Digi equipment, weighing and labeling

+358 468 510 496


Harri Päivärinta

Service Manager
Digi equipment, weighing and labeling

+358 503 722 446