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Bagging machines

Filling and sealing machines for ready-to-use Doypack® stand-up pouches. The Doypack® pouch provides the product with an excellent, soft container that is completely stable thanks to the shape of the bottom (the Thimonnier patent). The bags have a large printing surface on both sides, so they are ideal for attractive designs. Both semi-automatic and fully automatic solutions are available.

A Doypack® is suitable for packaging milk and dairy products, fruit juices, nectars, soups, sauces, cooking oils, olives, pet food, coffee, tea, cheese, sugar, shellfish, honey, and chemicals, detergents, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals…

Thimonnier pussituskoneet

The wide range of Doypack® bags meets all packaging requirements:

Bag capacity: From 50 ml to 5 litres
2 – 240 bags per minute
Ready-made stand-up pouches, bags with Doypack® mouthpieces, upside-down pouches…
Impulse, ultrasonic or heat-sealing
Warm filling
Extended shelf life (ESL)

TH800 XL FOOD as an example

The THD800 XL is a servo-controlled filling and sealing machine for the Doypack® stand-up pouches (with or without handles/caps). The bagging machine has 8 stations (up to 3 dispensing points). The bags' attachment to the machine is secured with pliers, after which the bags are opened, filled, closed, cooled and removed from the machine.

THD800 XL FOOD can package in a ‘mono’ mode (1 bag/cycle), ‘duo’ mode (2 bags/cycles) or ‘trio’ mode (3 bags/cycle). The mechanical speed can be continuously adjusted from 10 to 60 cycles per minute, depending on the bag volume and product type (displayed on the touch screen).

Flexibility (mono/duo/trio mode)
Small size
Easy to maintain
Easy to clean
Capacity: up to 135 bags/min
Bag volume: from 50 ml to 5 litres

For more information about the Doypack® pouches and bagging machines, please visit our client's website or contact us. We would love to tell you more!